We are making Attunga available as a wedding venue on a very limited basis twice each year, only once in each of our semesters. Our first semester runs from late January to May and the second from early September to December each year.

If the idea of a destination wedding on a Christian camp in a spectacular location appeals to you, and you are planning a wedding within those months in the next year or two we’d love to hear from you.

Our wedding package includes overnight stay for your guests on the saturday night, extra days to prepare and take down the decorations and lots of other thoughtful inclusions.

Photos courtesy of "ByJP Wedding Portrait Photography":

Here's an Attunga wedding in HELLO MAY 

HELLO MAY FEATURE - Tom & Emily's Wedding

" Having clearly thought outside the (wedding) box, Emily and Tom went ahead and created a two day affair at Attunga – a unique 300 acre campsite in New South Wales that could accommodate their 200 plus guests. “It was beautiful, in the middle of the bush, with breathtaking views, a flying fox, and no phone reception”, says Emily who had the opportunity to wear not one but two gorgeous gowns. "