Zip Lines

If you've done the old Flying Fox the new Zip Line Course is a HUGE upgrade!

Our new zip lines take you though the native eucalyptus tree tops in a multi stage course with increasing levels of difficulty.   

Fox 1 (standard)

Starts off from the Treehouse at camp, gliding down through the gully for 120 metres landing on an elevated platform.  From there you have a exit to the ground using a 60m zip line or to continue along a 12m skybridge on to Fox 2. 

Fox 2 (premium)

Starts off from another elevated platform, gliding for 90m out to the cliff edge, landing on an elevated platform perched high above the valley floor.  From there you have a exit to the ground using an 80m zip line or take the crazy scary plunge on Fox 3.

Fox 3 (signature) OPENING SOON! 

Begins from an elevated platform perched high above the cliff edge looking out at the breathtaking views across the valley. This is not for the faint is certainly one of the most stunningly located and daunting flying foxes you'll ever experience.  From the start position, looking out into the distance you can only just see the end point deep in the valley on another cliff edge.  After leaving the platform you'll accelerate faster and faster reaching speeds up 70km per hour before rapid deceleration ends your 300m journey.  A huge adrenaline rush.       


  • Over 500 meters of zip lines
  • Increasing degree of challenge with each 
  • Safely exit at any stage   
  • Continuous belay system to prevent accidental disconnection 

Be sure to ask about including a zip line activity session in your next stay at Attunga.  

Fox 1 is a Standard activity. Fox 2 is a Premium activity and includes a ride on Fox 1 to get to it.  Fox 3 is a Signature activity and it includes the use of both Foxes 1 and 2 to get to the cliff edge.