Things to do

walk to Mt Penang at sunrise

a 30 minute walk to the east through Bangadilly National Park

walk to The Ridge at sunset

a 30 minute walk to the west staying on property

raft building

Build a raft with your team and race across the big dam at the main campsite


After a swim, our pool area has lots of intimate spaces to hang out with friends. Heating is available at a small additional cost.

hot tub

38 degrees and lots of bubbles...our outdoor hot tub is built into a bush setting in the pool area at the main site


Canoeing is available on the large dam at the main campsite


our main dam is stocked with hundreds of silver perch including some over 3kg


Try out your bow and arrow skills in the archery area adjacent to the main camp


in a great location with a scenic backdrop

ga-ga ball

an israeli variant of dodge-ball available indoors or outside


at the front of the main camp site


the most popular free time activity

group challenge

initiative and team building activities


at The Ridge or adjacent to the main camp area