Meet our Horses


Samson is one of our biggest horses at 16.2hh. He is a Clydesdale, and is our Mr Photogenic.

Malvern Copperfield

is a stunning Arabian endurance horse. He is 15.2hh and has successfully completed many 80km rides as well as a NSW State Ride, which is 160km in one day!


Our newest member to our herd! Titan is an 8 year old Morgan X QH. He has a beautiful temperament and is settling in well!


Lila, our Percheron x Quarter Horse, is 15.1 hh. She likes people a lot, but food even more.


Bandit is a black Australian Stockhorse X Thoroughbred. He came to us as a rising 2 year old. He is now under saddle and going well!


Clara is a seasoned endurance horse, she is 14.3hh. She came to us as a green 5 year old from the Malvern Arabian Stud in NSW.


Digby is our lovely old Welsh Pony. He is really a very sweet pony!


Bailey is our beautiful 15.2hh Australian Stock Horse, and is definitely a favourite. He has a beautiful collected trot and canter!


Moses is our oldest horse, a Galloway, from a Thoroughbred Sire and an Appaloosa Dam. Moses was born and trained at Attunga. He stands at 14.2hh.


Butternut is a 12.1hh Australian Stud Book Pony. She arrived as a yearling and has grown up at Attunga.


Chex is a welsh pony x Arab, who came to us as a yearling. He is currently being ridden by our staff and will soon be part of the group classes.


is also a welsh pony x palomino. He arrived as a yearling with Chex, and though a little cheeky, he is very responsive to his training,


Sadly, we lossed Malvern Zaamir last year to a heart problem. We will always remember you Zaamir!

Frank and Training

Frank Calleja is a horse master and classical trainer who directs the training of our horses and interns. He is always gentle and very passionate about our horses and students and his methods always benefit the horses greatly. 

He comes to Attunga most weeks to teach the interns how to interact with their horse and train them in the best possible way to get the ultimate performance from them. 

Through time, commitment and perseverance he can take a complete beginner and have them riding a horse like they would have never imagined possible, in just 18 weeks.

Read more about Frank Calleja


Here at Attunga, some of our horses are training for endurance rides. 

We travel all over NSW from St Albans to Gundagai, where we challenge them and ourselves to ride over long distances ranging from 40km to 80km a day. Because we are riding over all different types of terrain it is essential for our horses to be in prime condition. 

Endurance riding is not an easy sport by any means; if you are there to get in, win and get out again you won't last long in this industry. In order to prepare our horses for these events a lot of hard work and training needs to be put in everyday, but the rewards that come after it are definitely worthwhile. 

All of our endurance horses are Crabbet Arabians from the Malvern Arabian Stud in Exeter, NSW. 

Ask us more about our training when you come to camp and we can also introduce to the horses.

Site Accreditation

Attunga is now accredited with Horse Safety Australia. 

A lot of hard work was put in for us to achieve this. We now have a wonderful safe program where people come and learn how to ride. Our staff are put through extensive training sessions in order for them to perform there tasks the best way possible keeping themselves safe, others safe and our horses safe. 

We also have 2 accredited instructors through HSA that live on site. They are responsible for the training of the team and the welfare of the horses. 

Our horse program is now better then ever and continues to grow.